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Maria Gomes da Silva Barros was born on January 13, 1867, daughter of Bárbara Félix de Sousa and Diógenes Gomes Pereira da Silva, a descendant ofpioneers (the Bandeirantes) coming from S. Paulo, in the eighteenth century. Sinhá was a distinct treatment given to women of the nineteenth century andMaria was called Sinhá Maria, then only Sinhá, hence the name of the estate and the Inn.

She was, by nature, a great lady of the time. Played piano and guitar, sang and recited.

At 19, she became the wife of Antonio Cupertino Xavier de Barros, of an ancient family of Vila Boa Goiás. By deep identification between them, theyformed a perfect couple. It was this couple that gave rise to this house, now in its 8th generation. In 1863, the house belonged to Father Arnaldo, but the small farm of 100.000 mts2 was already inhabited before 1781. It was recently discovered in the area of the Inn important vestiges of gold mining from the pioneers, the Bandeirantes. Come and feel a bit of this beautiful journey through time, wich started to happen so many generations ago. Come and feel the history hidden ineach corner and feel breeze blow a tasty freshness under the old trees, whispering in your ears

INN Dona Sinha

Pousada Dona Sinhá is one of the good things of life, which the caprice of time saved for you. Come and enjoy some quiet time and relaxation to remember as it was the time before the modern stress. Birds among trees, clear nights exploding stars. The material for reflection on the past, present and future. Relax, enjoy life, love ... Grandma's house, with its wide walls and welcoming their backyards in mountain climate, the mildest of the city. Meet closely the history and traditions of the City of Goiás, former state capital, declared a World Heritage Site, home of poet Cora Coralina, where houses and alleys reveal the details of the organic beauty of the city and the simplicity of its people. City you will love every moment with their rides through the hills historic old gold mines, clear streams trickling Serra Dourada, museums and much more.

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